Rates & Courses

Rates & Courses


Choose from one of our two 18-hole courses – the East Course “Yellow” or the West Course “Blue.” For extra fun, play both! 🙂

You pay for your mini golf on site at the clubhouse. Either with credit card or with cash. We are maximizing contact less transactions, by a contact less credit card transaction on site.

You are also welcome, if you like, to bring your own golf club and golf ball. We also have hand sanitizer on site.

Prices, tax not included:

  • 18 holes per adult or child six and over: $9
  • 18 holes per child five and younger:  $7
  • 36 holes per adult and child six and over: $14
  • 36 holes per child five and younger: $12
  • additional 18 holes while on site: $5

Group rates for groups of 12 or more: Paid for by one person. $8 per person for 18 holes. $13 per person for 36 holes.

No Glass Containers Please


East Course
East Vs West, which one is best?

The East Course is rumored to be the easier of the two, but there are plenty of split-level obstacles to keep you on your toes. The West Course has its own set of challenges along with a cast of unique characters including two Austin icons: The Giant Tyrannosaurus Rex and Peter Pan himself. So, which course is best? Is it the East or West? Play them both and find out for yourself!


FIRST HOLE – The first hole on the East Course starts out with a bit of a challenge: the hole is at the top of a curved hill. You have to hit the ball just right so it makes it up the hill but doesn’t hit the back wall and roll back down.

THE TURTLE – Fun in more ways than one – this colorful turtle is equally fun to putt under as it is to climb over.
Peter Pan
PETER PAN – The first hole of the West Course features Peter Pan himself. This hole is pretty easy, so you won’t need fairy dust to fly through to the next one.
LOOP DE LOOP– It’s a roller coaster for your ball! Putt the ball hard enough so it makes it into the loop and all the way around! THE RABBIT – A good straight shot and a little hop over the hill leads you under the rabbit and into the hole. T-REX– His teeth may look vicious, but the T-Rex is a gentle giant. He doesn’t even mind if you walk over his tail. PIGGY BANK – Originally based on a child’s bank, this character doesn’t hold coins, but it does hold a passage to another level. Invest in a good straight shot and the piggy bank will deposit your ball on the lower level and right into the hole.